In love with… Bendito Pie

Bendito Pie, representa la identidad de una mujer libre, bohemia y soñadora, que le gusta viajar y apropiarse de la impronta de cada lugar que visita.

Can you imagine I totally fell in love with Bendito Pie? I found this shop in Palermo Soho (love that creative area, barrio), Buenos Aires.

It’s bohemian. It’s lovely. It’s me.

So if you are in Buenos Aires, walk around in Palermo Soho and enjoy. There are so many nice shops, bars and restaurants and you will love the atmosphere. Bendito Pie* is absolutely my favorite shop in Palermo Soho, so don’t forgot to visit it! It’s not that cheap (okay, I can better say it’s expensive), but if you like the boho-style, you will love it.

Sometimes pictures say more than thousand words, so enjoy the pictures I made in the shop… ↓

* You can find Bendito Pie in Palermo at Armenia 1707, but it has more shops; in Argentina, but also a few in Mexico, Paraguay and Chile.


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